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13 thoughts on “contact me

  1. Dear Adriane,

    I am so sorry that you are leaving as Editor. You write so well, and you come up with such good ideas for magazine articles (I don’t know how you come up with so many interesting ideas). It will be a loss for me not to see your name as Editor. Yet I understand your leaving to care for your family, including the new one this spring. I hope you and the new one are healthy. I will especially miss your sincere reflections on your faith – you truly seem devoted to Jesus Christ. Is there any chance that you might keep in touch with Missouri Synod, and that we, the readers of LW might continue to know how you and your family are doing?

  2. I’m blessed to find your blog. I’m also a writer and LCMS Christian. My husband sent me your post about the LW editor position opening up- do I need to be based in St. Louis? We serve at a church in Orange County. Also- congrats to staying home with your family. I found it to be a difficult but fulfilling journey, starting with the first person asking “what do you do?” Can a writer be a writer without a job title? Absolutely. But… it took me a year of stripping down all the identities I clung to to really figure that out. I pray that your heart cup is overflowing in this new calling. I’d love to connect- my blog is

  3. Can you send me the article of your position on Beth Moore? I see there is a link to it but your page says it’s not there. Thank you!

  4. Hi,
    Wasn’t Luther a “here I stand” on scripture kind of Lutheran whereas you and so many others seem to be “here I stand” on traditions kind of Lutherans? That’s what Lutherans do – How many of these boil down to “this isn’t commanded or forbidden in Scripture” but that’s what Lutherans do? I really think that the Divine Service has become one of these for 87% of Lutherans – and wonder if that is true of you also.

  5. Great stuff on “Gender Reliability.” When I read your work, I am always impressed, laugh a bit and sometimes find myself getting hungry (those food pictures get me every time). So thanks sister-you’re a blessing to so many.

  6. I have also stepped down from leading a Beth Moore study and was looking for like-minded “friends” in the same camp. How do I get a password?? I would also LOVE to read your entry on Christian Fiction.

  7. I also would like to read your piece on Beth Moore, and for almost the identical reason as the commenter before me. Except i already said no, and I would like to be able to articulate my reasons accurately. Oh, and I love the cute dress. Don’t change a thing. For those who don’t like it, move along now…nothing to see here. Quit staring! Sheesh.

  8. Hi! I would love to read your piston Beth Moore. I have been asked to facilitate one of her studies, and am looking for a pithy and succinct article to give the leadership explaining why that is NOT. A good idea. How might I procure a password?

  9. Dear sister,
    Could you kindly put up a photo on your blog where you are dressed more modestly. Please.
    Thank you for your consideration.

  10. Hi: I love going to church to here the word of God and Jesus, however, what happens if my Pastor whom I have talked to, only tells me I am a sinner. I am supposedly forgiven but all I heR from him is my sinful nature.

    1. Sharon, don’t be afraid to go back to your pastor again. Tell him what you hear and what you struggle with. And ask if there are some Scripture passages or hymnody he recommends that can soothe your conscience!

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