Concordia Publishing House

Hello. My Name Is Single. (Read more on the book here.)

Lifelight: Joshua – Study Guide

A New Song

Women Pastors?

Portals of Prayer (Oct. 2009 and March 2013)

Modern Reformation

Is Evangelical Enough? (Spring 2013)

The Lutheran Witness

Hold On to Your Hats!

Big Decisions in a Big City

Lutheran Tape Ministry

Standing Ready

Set Free

10 Minutes With

Dr. Uwe Siemon-Netto

Devon Nau

Rev. Dr. Paul Maier

Rev. Dr. Paul Devantier

Tim Goeglein

Rev. Jeff Williams

Bishop Walter Obare


Search for “Heins” and “Dorr” here.

Lutherans Engage the World 

Exist to Witness

Missing Mayberry  

Valuing God’s People

10 Questions with Cantor Paul Soulek 


For the Life of the World

Spotlight on Adam Francisco (Oct. 2007)

Applying the Word (Jan. 2008)

Spotlight on Carl Fickenscher (Jan. 2008)

Continue to Pray for Us (Jan.2008)

Touching Lives Across the Globe (Jan. 2008)

Jazz for Life (April 2008)

God Is Right There in Our Midst (April 2008)

Spotlight on Roland Ziegler (July 2008)

163rd Academic Year Opens with Eyes Fixed on Future (Nov. 2008)

St. Martin of Tours Award (Nov. 2008)

Record Numbers Attend Phoebe Academy/Christ Academy (Spring 2009)


Developing an Educated Layperson

Issues, Etc.

God’s Design for the Sexes

Take My Jacket

LWML Quarterly


There Are Mothers, and Then There Is Mine

Higher Things

The Summit


I Kissed Legalism Goodbye

And The People’s Choice Award Goes to . . .

TGB Society

Open Book

Open Mind


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