missing CTS

I miss the seminary. I mean that literally. Not like, “I will literally die if I don’t buy these adorable cowboy boots that are just my size.” As in, I literally miss everything about Concordia Theological Seminary and Fort Wayne.

I miss the classrooms, the professors, the discussions, the humor. I miss Dr. Scaer’s lightning quick hmor, Dr. Masaki’s gentle “is wrong question,” Dr. Fickenscher’s ready smile, and Dr. MacKenzie’s kind patience.

I miss the chapel, the organ, the liturgy, the singing. I miss hundreds of men singing with such faith that it seemed as though their lungs would burst. I miss the preaching, the kneelers, the flicker of light through the skylight when the sun came out.

I miss Gemutlichkeit, beer, ping pong, and laughter.  I miss professors spending time with students, students arguing with themselves, and going out for dinner with friends afterwards because nobody was ready to call it quits for the night.

I miss the campus, the sound of the chapel bell ringing on my way in to work, the rise of the sun across the pond, the sound of the turkey vultures perched on the side of the library.

I miss my classmates; their fiery, vibrant ideas; their wit; their ability to think critically; their faithfulness and piety.

I miss being challenged. I miss not having a clue what people were talking about because they were so bright and over my head. I miss how fast and furious students and professors thought and talked and were.

I miss Redeemer, Kantor Reuning’s preludes, Pastor Petersen’s sermons, and being able to be show signs of piety without being judged for it.

Concordia Theological Seminary is one of God’s best gifts to His Church. It is second to none, unlike any other. It stretches you, grows you, forms you, molds you.

And that’s why I miss it. I miss the seminary, and I’m fairly confident I always will.

4 thoughts on “missing CTS

  1. Me three. Or four. Or whatever. I sort of feel that everyone in the LCMS should visit that campus at least once — and go to chapel, talk to a professor, listen to the students chattering…what a great place. 🙂

  2. And that is why you are so blessed. The good Lord has given you a pair of ears to hear with. He’s working on molding (oops, almost wrote moldy, been around the flood too long) the rest of you. That ache for the good stuff, and yet even more of it, only hangs out in rarified air. Not many get to gulp it in. Continue to give thanks daily for those ears. And continue to bounce around with the good Drs. you referenced. The USDA would approve of a steady diet of those men.

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