phantom forest

forest 001

I’m really not a fan of big cities.

Or any cities really.

Or traffic.





 forest 003forest 004forest 005

Because let’s face it: I’m a country girl.

I own multiple pairs of cowboy boots.

I like big blue skies.


Gravel roads.

County fairs.


Lots of pigs.forest 009So sometimes I go for a walk through this little park.

It’s quiet.

It smells like dirt.

You can’t hear cars.

Or trucks.

Or anything really.

forest 011There’s something oddly comforting about this goofy little park.

I’m an Iowa farm girl.

I’m used to the smell of cattle, hard work, big thunderstorms, and bonfires.

forest 016Living in the city isn’t like that.

Here it’s all about stress, rushing, schedules, and lack of time.

forest 012

But at this little park, there is something good about the quiet, the solitude, the earthiness of it all.

I may have to be a displaced farm girl, but gosh if some time outside doesn’t do the trick.

2 thoughts on “phantom forest

  1. Gregg now drives a F-150-true story. It’s a company truck and he doesn’t OWN it, but still…
    I love that you’re a country girl. I love that I’m a city girl. I actually miss St. Louis quite often.
    Go eat Ted Drewes. 🙂

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