it’s true. we are.

Lutherans are joyous, comforted people. Not as if they knew nothing of anxiety; the tempests in the world’s oceans are mighty and howl fiercely, for our church is first and foremost. But the Lord on high is mightier still. Therefore our hearts rejoice, and our life is joyous; we are the people who suffer all kinds of torment, deserved and undeserved, but who fear not; who are anxious about whether they will stand by their Master, because so many disciples desert Him and flee.

But Lutherans do not fail, because they hear the interceding voice: Let it stand one more year; strengthen their faith! They suffer persecution as people true to their confession, for whom progress is an abomination and innovation suspect, as sharp critics, who narrow the conscience and will not widen the  path or gate. But they are not deserted: I am with you; the waves of the sea shall not drown you and the flames of the fire shall not consume you.
                                                   -Hermann Bezzel (1861–1917)

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