things I love about my office

Everybody’s office is different. Pastors have loads of books, writers have stacks of paper, and editors have piles of manuscripts.

Actually, I’m pretty sure that means nothing since, come to think of it, my office has books, paper, and 001I love words, and all my theology books have finally found their home in my office. This set is my favorite. It’s a gift from my college roommate, Bethany. They were her dad’s . . . further proof of his great faith and general Lutheran awesomeness.

office 002office 003office 004

I also love iced coffee, which is only made better by having a diakonal coworker who brought me (get this) the Pioneer Woman’s special recipe. I’m pretty sure we can attribute this deliciousness to my extreme efficiency today.

And shaky hands.

And my inability to sit still.

But boy, was it worth it.

I also love my picture of Luther as Junker Jorge, partly because my brother-in-law made me climb a ding dang mountain in the rain covered in mud to get to the Wartburg Castle to buy this thing and partly because his eyes make people jump every time they come around the corner.

I also love my lunchbox, because, hello! It’s awesome.

office 005Seriously. Does this even need an explanation? Ok, so it doesn’t rain printers and digital cameras out of the sky, but it does talk to you.

“That was easy.”office 006Sniffle.  Dr. David Scaer left me this note the day before I left Fort Wayne for St. Louis. I sat in my office for a good five minutes and cried when I first read it. Sometimes I still do.

Don’t look at me like that. His classes were some of my most formative.

And those beads? Yep, they’re the official Bunko beads from the wonderful, unbeatable Bunkettes of Redeemer on Rudisill. office 007Yes.

That’s exactly what you’re thinking.

It’s a cupcake made out of old pages of The Lutheran Witness. My oldest sister got the craft genes in the family. I got the . . . well, we’re still trying to figure out exactly what it is I got.

office 008office 009office 010

I also love my one living proof that I do, in fact, have a green thumb. For now. It could be dead tomorrow. It’s really a crap shoot.

I love my mini-Luther replica. It reminds me of the first time I drove onto Fort Wayne’s campus and felt simultaneously overwhelmed and right at home.

And I love my crucifix because . . . I mean . . . I don’t really have to explain that, do I?

office 011I heart my Chicago Manual of Style. Commas? Prepositions? Movie titles? Zip codes? Blood types? Social Security numbers? All life’s questions (ok, so maybe it’s just all grammar questions) are answered in this little book.

This little, profoundly expensive, extremely nerdy 012

Oh, yes. And I love my diplomas too. I love my CUW diploma because that’s where I met one of my best friends, sat at the feet of theological and literary giants like Dr. Gene Veith, and suffered through painful amounts of Shakespeare with Dr. Tom Wilmeth.

I love my CTS diploma because that institution made me Lutheran.

And I love my Ole Iowa Style Institute of Theology award because above the caption “Isn’t Lutheranism depressing?” Dr. Scaer wrote, “Not with you.”

Yep. That’s what I love about my office. And come to think of it, I’m just not sure there’s much else that could make it any better.

9 thoughts on “things I love about my office

  1. Amen, Henrietta! Also, we need to get you a proper frame for Scaer’s letter.

    I love all the Lutherany goodness in your office. Good work!

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