our DNA

There are a few things that define the Dorr family.

(1) We are excessively, unabashedly, and joyfully Lutheran.

(2) We love capitalism.

(3) We laugh. A lot.

(4) We think the kitchen table, outside of the Divine Service, is one of the best places for families to gather.

(5) We enjoy a healthy, robust argument. I mean, discussion. I mean, argument. Discussion. Whatever.

(6) We could eat pulled pork for every meal.

(7) We plan our vacations around the locations of faithful churches and Cracker Barrels.

(8) We don’t much care for pop culture fads.

(9) We sing hymns together, and we like it.

(10) We love us some Western swing and some cowboy boots . . . even the smallest of the small ones.

sisters weekends 012

(11) We have not yet mastered the art of the sock.

4 thoughts on “our DNA

  1. 1. I think one kid has their shoes on the wrong feet.
    2. shouldn’t nachos make the list somewhere?

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