A few years ago in a land far, far away (Iowa), the Dorr family started creating Cracker Barrel-esque breakfasts on Christmas Day.

christmas 023

We’re sort of addicted to Cracker Barrel.

christmas 092

It might be a bit of a habit.

A very, very delicious habit.

christmas 106

So, don’t let our Iowa farm-style façade fool you.

We’re really just wannabe Southerners in disguise.

christmas 117

Last year, we gorged ourselves on all sorts of deliciousness.

Never mind the fact that we had eaten at an actual Cracker Barrel earlier in the week.

Or that Dad owns a map with the location of every CB in the United States on it.

christmas 118


Never mind that.

christmas 119

We had biscuits, eggs, fruit, apple butter, five kinds of bacon, and cheese grits.

Five kinds of bacon.


Just making sure you caught that.

christmas 127

One little guy kept an eye on the coffee once the meal was over, proving that a watched pot does, in fact, boil.

Take THAT, laws of science!

christmas 193

And then, when it was all over and the dishes were done, when we’d gorged ourselves and sworn never to eat anything ever again, we got out some kind of chutney something or rather and licked the platter clean.

I’m not sure where we go from here, but if Cracker Barrel can do it, we can too.

Challenge, consider yourself accepted.

I think.

One thought on “CB

  1. I, hereby, declare the Dorr Family to be official Southerners. If anyone deserves it, you do! And aside from the FIVE kinds of bacon, (FIVE????) it looks just like our Christmas breakfast. I didn’t see gravy, though. For the love of all things delicious, please tell me there was gravy.

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