a few of my favorite things

There are lots of things I love in this world: fireplaces, the color red, pick-ups on gravel roads, how church smells like lilies and incense at the Easter Vigil, chicken salad and sleeping with the windows open.  

home 001I also love my living room, Audrey Hepburn’s classiness, black and white, and my grandparents’ era, when men wore suits and hats and women wore high heels and pearls.home 004

I love that my sister knew I needed a red phone, all things vintage, and the “Curse Not Thine Fat” sign I bought for a quarter and whose meaning I still can’t quite figure out.

home 006I love turquoise, retro chicken mugs, and an ice bucket that just begs for someone to throw a party to put it to good use.

home 007I love colors, cooking, my kitchen, and having a house full of people over to enjoy all three. home 013

I love being Lutheran, my prie dieu, and how robust the baptized life can be.

home 009I love hot pink, big earrings, and how a mini shutter and a can of spray paint can change a girl’s outlook on what to wear to work each morning. home 010

I love remembering my grandma, how much I value our few pictures together, how often she cut off our heads taking pictures with these cameras, and how she giggled about it later.

home 011I love setting a pretty table, covering it with food, and the way in which I was formed and shaped by the conversations my family had over dinner (that’s Iowan for “supper”).

I love listening to rain, skyping with my sisters, and watching my dad make my mom laugh until she has tears in her eyes. I love Florida-Georgia Line’s “Cruise,” Holy Week, and being a godmother to six of the most Lutheran little Lutherans I know.

I love it all.

I just can’t help it.

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