not unique

Humility is a difficult thing. It is not, I don’t think, in most people’s human nature to think that they are not, in some area, the experts. Women think they can outdo men. Men think they can outdo women and other men too. They have something to say that the world has not already said, or a thought to think that hasn’t already been thought, or a plan to implement that hasn’t already been tried. Or, at least, that’s what they would have us believe.

Saying this means that I, too, lack humility. I do, and I repent of that. Perhaps, postmodernly, it is in seeing these conversations that I realize that which I find so annoying in myself. So, I am resolving not to think or be unique, because I’m not. I haven’t said something someone else hasn’t already said. I don’t have a perspective that somebody else doesn’t already have. I don’t have ideas that somebody else hasn’t already had.

It’s nothing to cry about in a corner. It’s nothing to be shocked at. In fact, it just might be very freeing to realize once and for all that I’m just me: typical, average, and common. I’m not unique. And that’s quite all right with me.

4 thoughts on “not unique

  1. He uses the ordinary and common in profound ways. Though common may be, you were formed as you are in time and place for His purpose. If what you had to say were only your own, could it ever be worth so much?

  2. AS a writer, I find myself battling the hubris vs. humility thing all the time, too. The thing that continues to bring me down to earth is reading lots of books in the genres within which I write. Whether it pertains to features, fiction, or devotions, someone else some where has used a similar and better plot or style.

    So, since there’s nothing new under the sun, I repent, trusting the Son who brings us His free salvation. He humbled Himself, even to death, death on a cross to bear the sins of the whole world, including ours. So, even there, we Christians do not do something original. We follow “where our Captain trod, our king victorious, Christ, the Son of God….” “All new-born soldiers of the Crucified Bear on their brows the seal of Him who died…..” (LSB 837, stanzas 1, 3)

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