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IMG_5823When you make your next trip to St. Louis to visit Concordia Publishing House and the International Center, stop by Concordia Seminary and pay a little visit to KFUO radio. IMG_5779A couple of weeks ago, Rev. Michael Kumm, the interim executive director of the radio station, gave me and a colleague a tour of the station, which is packed with Lutheran history.

And, let’s face it, it’s frankly just cool to learn how a radio station works.IMG_5780

KFUO is the longest running Christian AM radio station in the United States. When the station was founded in 1924, J. Edgar Hoover became director of the FBI, the Methodist church lifted its ban on dancing, and Kleenex was marketed.

It was a big year. IMG_5785

Kleenex and dancing aside, you really do have to visit the studio to see how the building itself tells a story. Once upon a time, the station reported lived news. A news room! To report on all things religious!

IMG_5797Besides meeting several on-air radio personalities, you can also tour a room filled with vintage equipment that was actually used at one point in KFUO’s history.


And you can also check out their gigantical library of classical music. It fills rooms and is one of the largest libraries in the United States in the history of ever.IMG_5799

You can take a peek at these fabulous little pieces of LCMS history too. They may not cut records at KFUO anymore, but you can download their app or listen live online. IMG_5800

And if you’re awake in the morning, slurping coffee and trying to decide what to wear to work, tune in to KFUO’s new Morning Show from 7:00-9:00 a.m., hosted by the Rev. Randy Asburry. You can pray Matins or Morning Prayer on your way to work, listen to discussions on the catechism, get caught up on what happened in Church history that day, and listen to interviews from Lutheran Witness authors and others involved in the work of the LCMS. IMG_5814

KFUO has a rich history of sharing the Gospel through its unique communication medium. Next time you’re in town, stop by and see for yourself! 

4 thoughts on “we are where you are

  1. KFUO is the longest continuously running religious radio station in the world. There should be some serious self examination as to why it is still a single station without a network. The network idea was tried starting in 1990. KFUO gave very little effort to the idea and it failed. A plan should be developed to try to have a Lutheran network again. Streaming audio on the internet does not count.

  2. It’s funny…during my years at seminary, I think I ventured into that building all of once. It’d be nice if there were more of a relationship between the two (a la broadcasting chapel sermons or some such thing)

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