Mariah’s trolls

Last evening, following a lovely dinner with friends, gluwein, and winsome debate about the one-year versus three-year lectionary {coughoneyearcough}, our hosts pulled out several sheets of paper and explained the game that was to follow, a Telephone-style game of Pictionary.

{Disclaimer: The only game I stand a chance of winning is Bunko because, well, it’s complete chance.}

The game goes like this: Each person gets a stack of paper. On the top piece, he writes a word or phrase. Then he passes the entire stack of paper to the person on his left. The next person tucks the word or phrase under the stack of paper and then, with a timer counting down the seconds, proceeds to draw the phrase or word he or she saw.

The stack gets passed on and then next person writes a description of what he believes he sees drawn in the picture. Then it’s on to the next person to draw.

And so it goes, drawing and describing, timers beeping and people giggling, until the original stack of paper arrives back at the place of the person who originally wrote the word or phrase.

Example: I wrote my favorite {read: most hated} Christmas song as the phrase I wanted to see drawn.


I passed it to the person on my left. She looked at the phrase and drew what she saw: Mariah Carey . . . on a stage . . . with Christmas trees . . . belting out music. DSCN7134

Her husband, clearly sensing what was occurring, described the drawing:


Which led to the next person in line drawing exactly that. DSCN7136

His son, wanting to be precise, explained that these weren’t just any trolls. They were: DSCN7137

After passing the paper on to the next person in line, she agree that they clearly were and drew as such. DSCN7138

Her husband, upon seeing the drawing, completed the Telephone conversation by indicating that the aforementioned picture was obviously one of:


And, as we all agreed after looking through the insanity we created, the game didn’t really get too far off, because, let’s face it, listening to Mariah Carey’s voice really isn’t all that different than listening to trolls attacking an American tourist attraction.

Who’s ready for round 2?

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