The 2014 Lutheran Gift Guide

I operate off this really great theory that if I pick up Christmas gifts for people throughout the year, I won’t have a feeling of panic a week before Christmas when I still don’t have presents for half my family.

It’s good.

In theory.

Let’s face it: I’ll let you know when I stop breathing into a paper bag.

But in an effort to stave off any meltdowns in your household, here’s a little gift guide for the Lutheran who already has pretty much everything ever.  Continue reading “The 2014 Lutheran Gift Guide”

you don’t have to be perfect to be content {or #ydhtbptbc}

There are a lot of unhappy women in the world. {According to the culture, I’m probably not allowed to have that opinion . . . what with the fact I’m a woman and all. The good news is that my family has a deeply ingrained “Phooey to you” gene that runs rampant pretty much whenever it’s conducive to us. So, like, always.} Check out Instagram. … Continue reading you don’t have to be perfect to be content {or #ydhtbptbc}