the lives of editors: some things never change

“Publishing this paper is no revelry. If we bring humor, people say we are silly. If we bring nothing amusing, they say we are too serious. If we copy from other papers, we are too lazy to write ourselves. If we do not copy, we are too self-centered. If we do not publish articles submitted to this paper, we cannot appreciate the real talent. If we do publish them, our paper is full of insipidities. If we make any changes in the manuscript, we are absolutely unfair. If we make no corrections, we are napping. Even now, someone may say: Also, this is but a clipping from another paper! Yes, sir, it is!”

The Lutheran Witness, August 11, 1936

2 thoughts on “the lives of editors: some things never change

  1. Pastor Martin Noland … Regarding my “rosier view of synod,” I have been encouraged by many things in recent years:

    Real improvements in design and content of “Lutheran Witness;

    We thank God for your role in this ongoing endeavor.

  2. I am certain I am not alone in offering encouragement for the journey of your vocation. You and everyone associated with the Lutheran Witness are doing an incredible job in many ways. LW keeps us informed, educates us, gives us fodder for the endless conversation of Christ as Savior and best of all LW tells the Good News to an unbelieving world. The work of LW is most definitely a burden of love, Christ’s love that is…

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