a resolution you can keep

My name is Adriane Dorr, and I’m addicted to good preaching.

I’m not such a fan of bad analogies, history lessons awkwardly jammed in to try to fit the text, and prolonged recounting of funny things pastors’ kids say at supper that aren’t actually really that witty at all.

Instead, when I’m in the Divine Service, when my Lord is there for me really and bodily, I need to hear that I stink, that I’m an awful sinner, that I need to be humbled at every turn. I need to hear that He’s forgiven me for all those things, that the way in which He loved me was to die for me, that He is my comfort and peace, that He fills all the gaps and the holes I didn’t even know I had and the ones I’m painfully aware of.

That’s why I joined Pastor David Petersen’s church when I moved to Fort Wayne. His preaching had its own reputation. I knew he would preach what I needed to hear, not what I wanted to hear. 

I wasn’t disappointed. And now, thanks to Emmanuel Press, you don’t have to move to Fort Wayne and join Redeemer in order to get those same sermons, to hear of your sin and your salvation.

Although it’s really not a bad idea. I mean, we’re on the edge of a fiscal cliff anyway, and who knows how long that could last? If the government’s going to take your money anyway, be bold! Sell your house! Move to Rudisill Street!

Too much? Too soon?

Either way, in the hot-off-the-press collection of Pastor Petersen’s sermons, you get to take in what you need to read, not what you want to read. You get a chunk of Law and a heaping dose of Gospel, a lethal and loving set of Lent and Easter sermons in Thy Kingdom Come.

christmas 004

And lest you think they’ll be boring or lame or that you’d rather read something more exciting, repent!

{That’s a Petersenism, by the way. See? You’re a fan of his already, and you didn’t even know it!}

Repent, and then read read this short list of five reasons why you should order the book, read it, cry over it, ponder it, be comforted by it, learn from it, mark it up, and read it again.

  • Because I said so.
    • Seriously. Why aren’t you ordering it right now?
  • You’ll feel like he’s been spying on you all week.
    • He preaches directly to you because he preaches first to himself. Whatever emotions, fears, and worries are on your mind have already been on his. So if you read a sermon and are left thinking, “How did he know?” . . . well, get used to it.
  • He won’t waste your time.
    • If you’re looking for anecdotes about his son’s report card, how hard it was for him to wake up that morning, or if the Bears won, you’ve come to the wrong set of sermons.
  • You will be utterly cut down by the Law.
    • He helps you understand that your sin is real. The shame you feel over it is tangible. When the Law in his sermons cuts, it cuts deeply.
  • You will be utterly lifted up by the Gospel.
    • The comfort of the Gospel isn’t vague and nebulous in these sermons. It’s real. It’s actual. It’s Christ incarnate for you in ways you’ve never understood before. You will know hope and peace. You will be relieved of your suffering because Jesus lives. {That’s another Petersenism, by the way. See? You’re practically speaking his language!}

christmas 036

  • You won’t despise preaching.
    • Like the little girl with the curl in the middle of her forehead, when preaching is good, it’s very, very good, and when it’s bad, it’s horrid. Let me just say this: Pastor Petersen’s sermons are very, very good.

It’s the start of a new year. So if you set one resolution, let it be that you order this book. Use it as your devotions leading up to Lent and Easter. Let the Law have its way with you. Be pointed to Christ, your salvation. Look to the cross. See your Savior, your Life. For “He is in our midst, according to His promise, in His risen, living, physical body, speaking peace, forgiving sins, feeding saints, and encouraging faith. No locked doors, no synodical bureaucrat, no bully, no fallen flesh will keep Him out” (Thy Kingdom Come).

5 thoughts on “a resolution you can keep

  1. As my grandfather is facing his last days this side, I have been reading these sermons to him. In a place and time where visiting pastors don’t bring Bibles, devotions or communion, he is hearing 200 proof Law and Gospel. There is nothing more relevant. Without your pointing the book out, I would not have found it. Thank you.

  2. I take it Rudisill is the street name on which REdeemer Lutheran is located? And, as I implicated on the FB page about this, yep, I’m a theo-geek. So, at my first paycheck, I”ll be buying the book of sermons.

  3. Lovely Adrianne, you’re obviously still a Rudissillian 🙂
    P.S. The picture of your dad may be a bit dramatized!

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