it is finished

Last night, I put the last period on the last sentence of the first book I’ve ever written, a book that addresses the Church’s enduring need to care for those who are single. It’s meant for pastors and congregations, for married couples and for those still flying solo. And, because I’m feeling slightly exhilarated (or is that exhausted?), here’s a sneak peek.


No matter how you feel about the Lord’s will for your life right now, whether you’re simply surviving being single or whether you hate every minute, this book will help you to realize that eventually, some day, the pain of not having a pious spouse will lessen. Maybe it will lessen because the Lord will provide you with a godly husband or wife. Perhaps it will be that He teaches you to be content in your singleness.

But through it, you will endure. And you will carry on in hope, because as my pastor reminds me, “God really is good and He does work all things, even really painful things, together for good. We live by faith not by sight, in spite of the evidence, and we wait on the Lord. And that, of course, is the definition of hope.” You will recognize the burden for what it is, and it will no longer define you.

That’s the point of all this: You have hope, and that hope has a name, and the name is attached to a flesh-and-blood man, and He is Jesus.

7 thoughts on “it is finished

  1. So, is it going to be mostly stories, or is it going to be a how-to book for what churches should be doing? Either way, I look forward to seeing it and congratulations.

  2. Yessss! Way to go! And thanks be to God for last sentences and theological training and hope and Jesus and . . .(this might take awhile) . . .singleness and marriage and burdens and relief. . .

    (Can’t wait to see it, girl. If that excerpt is just a morsel of the book’s entire goodness, the Church will be well served.)

  3. I’m looking forward to reading your book. The truth is you put hard-hitting, honest Christ-centered theology in common-sense, everyday terms already. So, in dealing with the issue of singleness, etc. for Christians, you’ll be lending the Church even more of the same. Nice!!!

  4. Great victory. Inspiration for those whose who struggle and think that they are alone, and you convey “Jesus, walks and talks with them.” A needed volume in this relativistic country of ours, and dominated by false, celebrity models, this is a great thrust forward in Christian courage and writing. Keep it up. It deserves the widest possible circulation. Dr. Albert E. Jabs

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