sisters’ weekend, version 2.013

{This year, for the annual Dorr Sisters’ Weekend of Awesomeness, Kellee from Colorado and Lauren from Illinois joined me in Missouri at Osage Beach for a weekend of, well, awesomeness.}


We relaxed to the sound of lapping waves, ducks, and me yelling, “BOATS!” every time one would pass.

Because that didn’t annoy my sisters at all.kel and nin

We addressed wedding invitations until our hands cramped.

Or until midnight.

Things get fuzzy that late.feet

We got pedicures in purple, wore leather cuff bracelets and drank Starbucks like hipsters.

Iowa farm girl hipst . . . no, that’s not right.


We made each other laugh with our unique sense of humor.

We don’t understand why no one gets it but us.

garage sale

We went garage sale-ing. Or junking, as we say in Iowa.

Because nothing says Sisters’ Weekend like chalkboards, vintage farm animals, and no place for Kellee to sit. indian

We got stuck in the middle of Bikerfest . . .

and made it out without tattoos (which was a bummer to some and a joy to others).


We loved the sunshine so much that we put our toes in the water, Zac Brown style, for approximately 30 seconds.


We ate late breakfasts of cinnamon rolls and coffee and late suppers of Rotel, spring salad, and Oreo fluff.

We’re total health nuts, in case you didn’t notice.

Which you shouldn’t have since we’re not.


We were happy, happy, happy.


We found our shortest sister a new nickname, which she loves.

You can just see it in her eyes.


We went hiking (they call this “walking from sale to sale” in most civilized countries)

and we almost died from all the exercise.purses

We had matching colored purses whose sizes reflect our birth order.

{Evidence supports the fact that Kellee’s carrying gold bars in hers.}


We hugged it out before going to church on Sunday.


We bought vintage ice buckets, Pyrex, and malt mixers.

Because we needed them.

{At least, that’s what we told our fiancee/husbands. Shhhh.}trunk

We packed the trunk to the point of exploding.

It was a delicate process, like Jenga for automobiles.

sistersAnd from start to finish, garage sale to late-night snack, wrong turn to gift exchange, music to fire alarms (hey, it was a busy weekend),

we couldn’t imagine life without each other.

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