10 Tips for Wedding Planning

  • Remind yourself that you are not unique. There have been a million weddings before yours, and there will be a million after them. That’s not to say that yours isn’t a wonderful blessing from God. It just means you shouldn’t expect everybody else to cater to you like it is.
  • Have organized sisters and a sympathetic mom. If you have neither, consider borrowing them from friends or contacting your local Rent-a-Center.
  • Listen to your pastor when he tells you that the only thing that matters in wedding preparation is to stay firmly planted at the foot of Christ’s cross.
  • Cultivate a healthy sense of denial. For instance, if someone reminds you that your wedding is in 10 days, try sticking your fingers in your ears while humming a steady “Lalalala” until the person backs away in fear.
  • Make sure your maid/matron of honor is a class act. That is to say, if  you can’t send her panicked emails/texts and expect a response that makes you crack up, send her back and order another one.
  • Visit your parents. Their chief duty (and joy) is to feed you nachos, treat you like the baby of the family, and cause your sisters to roll their eyes at how spoiled you are.
  • Consider eloping.
  • Like those who vote in Chicago, pray early and often.
  • Talk to your fiancee, even if he has to listen to you cry about incredibly important things like how you bought all the ingredients for smoothies and then packed your blender and can’t find it and must, therefore, eat 82 vats of raspberry yogurt with plates of strawberries on the side for the remainder of the week.
  • Get married. It’s all worth it.

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