A letter to our young Christian women

Hey. Being a girl can be hard. Being a Christian girl can be even harder. But in the midst of a time and a place where femininity and humility and, well, normalcy are rare, you stand out like a city girl at a rodeo. In a good way. There are days when staying the course feels hard, and it seems like you’re the only one … Continue reading A letter to our young Christian women

True Visible Beauty

It used to bother me that hardly a Christmas or an Easter, a Fourth of July or a Labor Day could pass without my parents inviting people over for a meal. Widows. Vicars. College students. If you were going to be alone on a holiday {or pretty much any day}, Mom and Dad would find you, hug you and tell you what time the turkey would be ready.

Whether you liked turkey or not. Continue reading “True Visible Beauty”