we all have Issues

Yesterday on Issues, Etc., Pastor Todd Wilken and I discussed parents, silence, the Church, cohabitation, laziness, wimps, and sex before marriage.

Give it a listen while you’re cooking supper tonight.

Or waiting for supper to be cooked.

Or both.

2 thoughts on “we all have Issues

  1. Adriane,

    My devotion this morning did not have the usual tenured, humorous voice of Ken Klaus, rather an articulate young voice who we are proud to call Adriane Dorr Heins.

    Your words help me better explain, promote, defend, and live out God’s plan for marriage and commitment. Biblical reminders are helpful since it is easy to become desensitized from the culture around us even within our own church. It is very easy for me to use wrong or inadequate words to talk about God’s plan for living and then be discredited.

    The lady who has cut my hair for the last 25 years is very good at dismissing God’s word and my words as being irrelevant whenever we discuss morality issues. Your words along with others, help us speak in a defensible way that makes sense in light of God’s word.

    And don’t forget about that big book signing to come….

    Paul Heins 9788 Hwy T Higginsville, MO 64037

    660-238-7862 Paul’s cell 660-584-7862 Home & Office 660-584-5330 fax

    Date: Thu, 6 Feb 2014 13:57:02 +0000 To: pcheins@msn.com

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