faith like a child

Developing theological acumen takes time.

It is achieved through study, prayer, discernment, and meditation on the Word of God.

It is a lifelong pursuit, a hard-fought diligence one must struggle to attain and maintain.

And as proof that none of us ever fully achieve it, and more importantly, that my five-year-old self certainly hadn’t, I give you . . .

my kindergarten Sunday School lesson.


And lest anyone try to tell you that little children don’t understand the faith, that they can’t comprehend how a pastor is a spiritual father, and, better still, what our heavenly Father does on our behalf, well, um, they do.

Just don’t cite me as your source.

One thought on “faith like a child

  1. Works just fine….I’m sure your five-year-old self meant our Mother the Church, where we are birthed and bathed. 😉

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