The Rev. Dr. John Kleinig explains the importance of prayer.

Here is the thing about Doxology: It is not a weekend of rocket science.

That it to say, Dr. Yahnke and Dr. Senkbeil are fairly straight-forward: If you are feeling pukey and blue, exercise. Read your Bible. Talk to your family. Turn your computer off. Hang out with your spouse. Interact with someone. Read. Be in the sunlight. Spend some time with a friend face-to-face.

These are not nuclear secrets, but this is also precisely the stuff that pastors and their wives need to be hearing. They need those reminders. They know their limitations.

That’s why, after getting to spend a lovely weekend at the Doxology Grand Reunion the first weekend in August, it’s pretty dang clear to me that Doxology is doing good things, helping good pastors, rejuvenating good and faithful church workers. And in so doing, we, the lay people, are reminded of how important these pastors are to us and how vital it is that we care for them.

And so maybe Doxology isn’t just for the pastors and their wives. Maybe it’s for us lay people too, a reminder that sometimes, crazily enough, pastors need our prayers too.

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