a little Luther

People think: If I could hear God speaking in His own Person, I would run so fast to hear Him that my feet would bleed . . . If in former times someone had said: I know of a place in the world where God speaks, and when you arrive there, you hear God Himself talking; and if I had come there, had seen a poor preacher baptize and preach, and people had said: This is the place; there God is speaking through the preacher: he is teaching God’s Word—then I no doubt would have said: Ha! I have taken pains to come here, and I see only a minister! We should like to have God speak with us in His majesty; but I advise you: Do not go there. So experience certainly teaches. If He were to speak in His majesty, you would see what a running would begin, as there at Mount Sinai, where, after all, only the angels spoke; yet the mountain smoked and trembled. But now you have the Word of God in church, in books, in your home; and this is as certainly God’s Word as if God Himself were speaking.

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