infant baptism

Woe to you pastors and deaconesses who have not taken a class from Dr. David P. Scaer (Matt. 23:13 translation mine).

Ok, so you might it make through life without knowing his robust teaching style, his love of Iowa, and his ability to break students down and build them back up again, but you are definitely, definitely missing out. scaer 001The good news? You can welcome Dr. Scaer right into your own home with his newest book, Infant Baptism.

scaer 002

It’s about . . . follow me closely here . . . infant Baptism. scaer 003

Admittedly, there’s a bit more to it than that. He works through Luther’s baptismal theology and how modern, nineteenth-century views screwed everything up.

Like a lot of modern things are wont to do.scaer 004

And the sweetest part of all? Dr. Scaer let me help with the copyediting and the incorporations of his and others’ edits.

It’s humbling. Literally. Dr. Scaer is brilliant. Me . . . not so much. Brilliant people don’t usually hang out with non-brilliant people, but Dr. Scaer is different. He’s concerned. He’s caring. He’s genuine.

Never mind his sometimes brusque statements or his startling honesty. He is truly pastoral.

Now here’s TMI, but when my ex-fiancee was working on hard on becoming  the ex part, Dr. Scaer walked all the way across the campus and up the stairs of Walther Library to stand in my office doorway and check up on me. And he did it a couple of times each week. And on the days he didn’t walk, he rode his bike. And on the days he didn’t ride his bike, he asked my brother-in-law how I was doing. scaer 005And now that I’m down in St. Louis, I still email him now and then. And I definitely save every email I receive back because they’re almost always some combination of (1) hilarity, (2) intelligence, (3) complete and utter Lutheranism, and (4) startling wit. scaer 007

So if you haven’t taken a Dr. Scaer class or if you have, if you’re a lifelong Lutheran or you’re just getting interested in theology, if you’re a pastor or a layman, or if you just have a pulse, go to, buy this book, and revel in the wonder and beauty that is Lutheranism.

5 thoughts on “infant baptism

  1. I have so many questions about this topic. Growing up an evangelical I was always taught that children were not to be baptized. I need to go check out this book now.


  2. Oh to have a few more men like Dr. Scaer in this world.

    And coupled with his brilliance and straightforwardness is his love of children. I will always remember how he rubbed the heads of my children and would get down to their level and talk to them. And almost always said, “You poor thing, with parents like that.”

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