washington, dc

On Thursday, fifteen LCMS representatives met with nearly twenty senators and congressmen on Capitol Hill. Several of those senators and congressmen are members of the LCMS, so our goal was to encourage them, remind them of what our church is and what does and on Whom she is based, and to thank them for being voices for truth in our nation’s capitol. For those who were not members of the LCMS, it afforded us an opportunity to introduce them to what the LCMS is and what she holds dear, based on Scripture and our confessions.

I’m not saying they understood it, but we did get to talk to them about it. more dc 036One of the most remarkable things about the trip is that, while we had appointments already set, there is nothing that keeps the average American from walking into a House or Senate building off the street, going through security, and then walking right up to their representative’s office.

America really is pretty amazing.

I mean, I saw Dennis Kucinich, John Kerry, and Rand Paul  wandering the halls.

Not that I like the first two or would vote for the third, but there is something to be said for having access to your representatives. dc 024On Friday, we were invited to participate in the first ever Lutheran Services of America Day at the White House.

LSA is a joint ELCA-LCMS human care organization that assists one in fifty Americans each year.

dc 034dc 051dc 081

As part of the day, we were invited to take a tour of the East Wing of the White House. But at the last minute (Literally. As in, we were set to go in 15 minutes.), the CIA called it off.

Oh, well. Maybe next time.

Like, when someone a little more in line with the LCMS is president.

dc 026

It was a wonderful trip. We were given the privilege of encouraging and praying for some of our LCMS folks, like John Shimkus of Illinois and Cynthia Lummis of Wyoming.

We heard repeatedly that the voice of Lutheranism is very much needed and even desired in DC.

We learned that we have a lot of clout, despite what the culture tells us, and that the Catholics are eager to have someone else weigh in on these issues, such as abortion and homosexuality, so that they do not have to stand alone.

We saw how vital it is that individual Lutherans take an interest in civil policy, speak out when we see wrong-doing and cheer when we see successes, that we support our views publically, that we get involved, not just at home but in DC.

And we saw first-hand that the Lord continues to work and to bless in both kingdoms, the right and the left.

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