the day I met a real-life hero

Disclaimer: This post has nothing to do with pastors, theology or Lutheranism. Figured most of you would want to know that. Twenty-five years ago, United Flight 232 crashed in Sioux City, Iowa, about an hour away from my hometown. ┬áThe Sioux City airport has two gates. The only aircraft that land there are prop jobs. So when a commercial airliner headed from Chicago to Denver … Continue reading the day I met a real-life hero

sisters’ weekend, version 2.013

{This year, for the annual Dorr Sisters’ Weekend of Awesomeness, Kellee from Colorado and Lauren from Illinois joined me in┬áMissouri at Osage Beach for a weekend of, well, awesomeness.} We relaxed to the sound of lapping waves, ducks, and me yelling, “BOATS!” every time one would pass. Because that didn’t annoy my sisters at all. We addressed wedding invitations until our hands cramped. Or until … Continue reading sisters’ weekend, version 2.013