campus ministry think tank

Remember not so long ago when Pastor Bart Day, director of the Office of National Mission, announced that the president was forming a campus ministry think tank?



Are you people not stalking the Witness, Mercy, Life Together blog?!

Hop to, folks! There’s some awesome stuff over there!

Ok. I get it. You’re busy. I’ll back down on the exclamation points.

For now.


I’m just sayin’.

campus think tank 007

The think tank’s first meeting took place at the International Center today. Pastor Day preached and I (attempted to) play(ed) the organ.

“No pressure, but we’re having twenty extra people for the president’s think tank and the new Chief Mission Officer in chapel,” he says off-handedly.

That’s tantamount to, “No pressure, but the Council of Presidents will be in chapel.”

“No pressure, but the Board of Directors will be in chapel.”

“No pressure, but everyone important in the history of ever will be in chapel.”

Yeeeeeah. *gulp* Riiiiiiiight.

campus think tank 008campus think tank 011

There’s Pastor Zill, and that’s Prof. Pless.

It’s one of the nicest feelings there is when you see someone you know randomly show up in chapel. It’s  like getting homemade chocolate chip cookies from your mom in the mail. For a brief little moment, you feel like Goldilocks because everything is juuuuust right.

campus think tank 010

And because, as President Harrison says, the Lord always blesses . . . it actually is.

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