something I can handle

My sister Kellee is known for her shock-and-awe cookies. My sister Lauren is known for her mad cooking and baking skillz.

I’m known for . . . .

Yeah, we’ll get back to that.

Last week, though, Lauren showed me this project. tables 001

And then she gave me two of the exact same plant stands.

tables 002Which I spray painted.

tables 003And then I pulled two records out of my office.

tables 005You know, like you do.

There was a glue gun and lots of burned fingertips involved.

tables 006But when I was done searing off my fingerprints, the hot pink went next to my bed.

tables 010It’s the perfect nightstand for the F. Scott Fitzgerald book I’m having a hard time finishing. tables 012

And the green one went in front of my fireplace. tables 013

Kel can have her cookies, and Lauren can have her cooking, but stand back, y’all. The record/plant stands are mine.

7 thoughts on “something I can handle

  1. Poor Billy (hot glued to a plant stand after all these years) might get a little droopy over time, especially with that big book sittin’ on him. If so, one of the old 78s, thick, heavy and rigid, might make a good replacement. It shouldn’t warp under gravity like the vinyl does, although they are easier to shatter since they don’t flex.

  2. Ummm… what if I still actually listen to my old 33 1/3 records? But there are a few that I’m not enamored with that I could pass on to your project. Hey, if you made one of these with an old AC/DC album, it would be a hot plate for your morning coffee! : )

  3. I’d like to eat Lauren’s baked goods and Kels cookies off your stand thus enjoying all of you talents at the same time!!

  4. Look at you go! I love them. You are way ahead of me. I also like to start things and never actually finish them.

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