ay yi yi

farm 207I may have not been the greatest in gymnastics as a child,

and I may have cheated at math.

I may have been a little chubby,

and I might have had crazy frizzy hair.

But it all pales in comparison to my theology at age 5 . . . which was way, way worse.

farm 208

4 thoughts on “ay yi yi

  1. Adrian, no, you were actually a brilliant young theologian who would years later read in the Large Catechism, what Luther said about the Church, “The Church is the mother that begets and bears all Christians through the word of God.”

    Obviously, you were referring to our Mother, the Church.

  2. That’s hilarious, and so true of the concrete way in which young children think.
    Had to forward this onto my Lutheran daughter, married to a Catholic, who just had their first child. I told her that I didn’t think this theology is found in either church.

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