don’t mess

Eight Lutheran ladies met in Texas this week. Some of us knew each other. Some of us didn’t. But after only seconds, it was clear we were kindred spirits. I chalk it up to the fact that we all speak Lutheran. That pretty much sealed the deal right there. Our mutual love of all things thrifty, country, and food-related was the icing on the cake.

“Was there any drama?” someone asked after I told him about the weekend. “No,” I said, slightly in shock as I pondered it. Eight women, three bathrooms, and no drama . . . if that’s not the Lord’s goodness at work, I’m the mayor of Luckenbach.

texas 023

So what did a gaggle of Lutherans gals do in Fredericksburg for a weekend?

We stayed in the most adorable of cabins.

texas 019

We shared rooms decorated with cow skulls.

texas 049

We sat around a fire, drinking wine, solving the Synod’s problems, and laughing.

texas 058

We rode horses, because when in Texas . . .

texas 061

We shopped. And we looked pretty adorable while we did. texas 064

We got yelled at a winery and walked out in the middle of the tasting, because we’re awesome and that’s what we do.

texas 074

We walked. A lot.

texas 080

We ate delicious food and suffered gut rot because we couldn’t stop.

texas 099

We basked in the Texas sun.

texas 110

We got asked the questions, “Where are you from?” and “Wait. You’re all getting together because you’re Lutheran?” roughly eleventy-three million times.texas 117

We didn’t mess with Texas.

texas 153

We pampered ourselves with pedicures and were totally girly.

texas 159
We tried to figure out ways to fly gigantic cow heads home in our luggage and failed miserably.

texas 171

We looked adorable.

texas 182

We took a lot, a lot of pictures.

texas 193

We ate sandwiches the size of our belt buckles.

texas 204

We squealed at the adorableness of our boots.

texas 217

We drove down dirt roads, almost got lost, and then drank Lime-a-ritas in Luckenbach.

texas 222

We listened to toe-tappin’ music and watched Texas couples spin around the dance floor like nobody’s business.

texas 240

We reveled in new Lutheran friends, rejoiced in old ones, and gave thanks to God for blessings beyond measure.


PS And then we went home to our families and fell asleep because, let’s face it, we were all pretty exhausted.

2 thoughts on “don’t mess

  1. Texas was awesome. You are awesome and those Lutheran women were awesome. Thanks again!
    This all begs the question: Why am I so stinkin’ short? 🙂

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