Thanks, 2012.

In the past year . . .

tuscola 009

I hung out with my best friend,

lwml 1

spoke to a bunch of faithful Lutherans all around the United States,


moved into a new office,

shoes 001

bought my first pair of red shoes,


tried to say something insightful at Concordia University Wisconsin’s commencements,

farm 161

fed my addiction to vintage dishes and Pyrex,

mom 002 edits

perfected a scone recipe,


gained a fan club,


edited and published my 28th issue of the magazine,

farm 012

met my goddaughter Eden,


spent a few days on an Army base,


met my other goddaughter Isabella,

farm 070

relaxed on the farm,

sisters weekends 108

caused some trouble with the two best sisters in the history of ever,


stopped to smell the roses, er, flowers,

rodeo 014

went to a Band Perry concert and a few rodeos,

texas 061

got yelled at in a winery in Texas with my best Lutheran friends,

shooting range 019

missed the target too often at the shooting range,

christmas 016

enjoyed Christmas with my parents,

christmas 038

and gave thanks to the Lord for it all.

3 thoughts on “Thanks, 2012.

  1. Thanks for sharing your year (2012) with us, Adriane. Blessings on 2013 – in Christ! Thanks for your fine and faithful work for the LW. (I almost became your best friend’s pastor in 2012 and lived in God’s country, Iowa!) I wasn’t thinking straight at the time! Pastor Gary Zieroth

    1. Yeah, what were you thinking not moving to Iowa?! 🙂 I was bummed with her when you decided to stay put, but the Lord’s ways are best, even if they don’t seem like it at the time.

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