NSA secrets

Now that it costs approximately three gold bars and a handful of NSA secrets (which totals roughly 46 cents) to send a letter, it’s my firm belief that the letter ought to at least be worth sending.

Thanks to my dear friend Hannah–who not only bakes delicious scones, rocks her baby, takes care of her husband, and brews a delightful pot of tea–I’ve learned that an envelope isn’t just an envelope. It’s an art.

{Note: Hang out with fun people. They’re creative that way.}

You could send this to your mom/boyfriend/wife/cousin/soldier/credit card company or . . . DSC_0022

You could send something far more entertaining (and prone to make the recipient slightly hungry).DSC_0028

Or you could send this, especially when the person receiving it just found out she’s getting a new job/life/car/wardrobe.

Really, nothing is too small when it comes to a good reason for taping paper . . . to another piece of paper.

{Hey, I don’t ask. I just copy other people.}

For Father’s Day, the men in your life can revel in receiving something more exciting than a tie/grill/socks/car wash.


Don’t get your dad a tie.

Or do, especially if you haven’t gotten him one since 1970.

Then definitely, definitely do.



Heck, you even encourage a summer vacation for your friends who work so hard they forget to stop/breathe/sleep/camp.

Because nothing says relaxation like sleeping on lumpy ground, eating watery eggs over a dwindling fire, and surviving without bathrooms.

It’s paradise really.


You can tell your mama thank you for being such a fantastic cook.

And then give her an awfully hard time for not ever teaching you how to be one too.

Like, such a hard time that she’ll never live it down/get over it/discuss it without having another adult present.

Like, ever. DSC_0050So it costs approximately three gold bars and a handful of NSA secrets to send a letter.

So the Post Office will probably shut down before it reaches your friend’s/brother’s/pastor’s house.

So the postman will probably lose your letter.

So send it anyway.

Because if there’s one thing this world needs more of, it ain’t love. It’s cute envelopes.




2 thoughts on “NSA secrets

  1. I started out sending mail art with the resigned belief that they would get lost by the postman too but I have been pleasantly surprised. Actually I’ve been down right shocked at the dedicated vigor that my postal workers have funneled into making sure my letters arrive to friends around the globe. Only once did a letter not make it in the first attempt and that was because the entire front tore off (too much ribbon). It was returned to me in a carefully wrapped envelope, I redecorated it, sent it again, and it arrived safe and sound. I love stopping in at the post office, picking out stamps with the clerk, and then sending it on its way knowing that it will be a delightful surprise for all the workers along the journey. The key is to always ask for them to send them as “non-machinable” letters, so it is treated gently.

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