a very vintage birthday

My sister Kellee is the real world’s answer to Martha Stewart.

Minus the poncho.

And the prison sentence.

And the bad television show that leaves you feeling depressed and inadequate. kelleepans

It also happens to be  the week leading up to her fortieth birthday, which was the perfect reason for her good friend Laura to throw her an old-fashioned soiree. family

Dorr girls are known for our love of all things vintage.

We love Pyrex, the 50s, high heels, dinner parties, table linens, and old dishes.


And so do our friends.

Which is, of course, a large part of why we are friends.

Well, that and that Lutheran thing.

So when we showed up in our party get-ups to celebrate and then saw a drink cart with vintage barware,veggies

crudites, andshrimp

shrimp cocktail,allladies

we knew we were in for a fabulous time.


It was the cat’s meow, you might say.


The bees’ knees.menKellee is the queen of parties, of taking care of others, of pretty hankies and delicious dishes for dinner, of homemade cards and beautifully crafted gifts.

So when, in her honor, we drank cocktails from the 50s, toasted Kellee (who is not from the 50s), listened to 50s music, and attempted to have pinwheel-esque, 50s hair,

laura it was very, very good . . .

just like Kellee.

4 thoughts on “a very vintage birthday

  1. This was SO much fun and your photos are great and vintage looking! Kellee is always taking care of people, it was lovely to celebrate her with you and everyone else. I’ve not been to many parties where I talked to so many different people and enjoyed so much great company 🙂 I was so glad to see YOU again too!

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