being edgy

124426Almost every person who’s read advanced copies of my book has called it “edgy.”

That fascinates me.

People also say my hair is edgy and my clothes are edgy and my silver car with the tinted windows that looks like a drug dealer might have owned it before me are edgy.

And maybe all that is true (although my love of vintage Pyrex and books seems to debunk that theory).

But I do know this: This book–“Hello. My Name Is Single.”–is even better than edgy.

It’s hilarious.

Ok, but better than THAT: It is all about Jesus and His cross.

You can wear all black and sport a mohawk. You can wear jean skirts and Keds. You can be 15 or 80. You can be divorced or celibate, widowed or married. No matter who you are, if there’s one thing you’ll get from this book, it’s this: You may be lonely, but in Christ, you are never alone.

And that makes all the difference.

Stick around. Take a peek at some excerpts. Order some books. Leave a comment. Laugh a little.

I’ll be here all night . . . just being edgy.

*Stay tuned for next week’s post entitled, “How to Procrastinate to the Point That You End Up Writing a Book in a Month,” or its lesser known title, “How to Give Your Editor a Panic Attack.”*



On Living Together Outside of Marriage

“Before you start to tell me that your boyfriend or fiancé is different than most men, or that the rent is too high and that moving in together is really just your way of being good stewards, or that you need some time to figure out if you’re compatible before you dive into marriage, stop. Because that’s bologna, and everyone—from your pastor to your parents—knows it. You’re not fooling anybody. Not even me, and I don’t even know you.”

 On Men Trying to Understand Women

“Winston Churchill talked about enigmas wrapped in riddles inside of mysteries. He might well have been talking about relationships. Or the female mind because, let’s face it, it’s virtually impossible to understand that. Or he might have been talking about what it means to be a Christian single. Or how they get those jalapenos in those little tiny holes in olives.”

On Pornography

“That’s how the devil thwarts reality. He draws men into their fantasies, encourages them to indulge in it, hooks them on it like a drug addict who can’t go a day without getting a fix. But then comes the fantasy’s greatest irony: It shames you. You’re embarrassed. The feeling of condemnation is overwhelming. ‘You did WHAT?’ the devil gasps in horror. ‘How could you do something so awful? How could you look at those pictures or watch that movie? Some Christian you are!’ That’s why fantasies don’t work.”

On Fighting Sexual Temptation

“Reality is hard, but fantasies can be dangerous. So, ‘Resist the devil, and he will flee from you,’ (James 4:7). With the Lord’s help, fight that little bugger. And fight him outloud! Don’t just fight him in your head. Say the Lord’s Prayer out loud. Make the sign of the cross. Get out your hymnal and sing, ‘Satan, hear this proclamation: I am baptized into Christ!’ (LSB 594:3) Because he will hear, and he will listen . . . The Lord will see to that.”