The 2014 Lutheran Gift Guide

I operate off this really great theory that if I pick up Christmas gifts for people throughout the year, I won’t have a feeling of panic a week before Christmas when I still don’t have presents for half my family.

It’s good.

In theory.

Let’s face it: I’ll let you know when I stop breathing into a paper bag.

But in an effort to stave off any meltdowns in your household, here’s a little gift guide for the Lutheran who already has pretty much everything ever.  Continue reading “The 2014 Lutheran Gift Guide”

creches and crucifixes

Crucifixes can scare Lutherans.

Even good Lutherans.

The kinds of Lutherans who like to sing hymns with their families on Christmas Eve and who write checks each Sunday and who love their pastor right down to his white socks and black shoes.


That’s their seminarian.

Still, we stiffen up a little when we see a crucifix. It’s uncomfortable. Continue reading “creches and crucifixes”