I now own purple shoes. This is a major feat for me since my usual fashion color palette consists of black, grey, white, and, uh, black.

But this past Tuesday was Donation Day at Concordia Theological Seminary in Fort Wayne, and I was scheduled to be the keynote speaker.

And if you’re going to speak to the ladies of the LWML, well, you better not be caught wearing black and grey, if you know what I mean.  lwml 006So there were purple shoes involved.

And a purple scarf, courtesy of my uber-talented oldest sister Kellee.

And even an LWML pin!

I was pretty much decked out in LWML purple. lwml 007The LWML ladies and the Seminary Guild ladies are some of the nicest I’ve ever met. They love the seminary, they love being Lutheran, and, most importantly . . .

they LOVE The Lutheran Witness.

But, I mean, let’s face it: who doesn’t?

 lwml 018lwml 021

They were very kind to listen to my windy, wandering talk on stuff and things and why the seminary pretty much changed my entire life and formed me into the Lutheran I am today.

lwml 023

They listened intently even though I was practically falling asleep just listening to myself. lwml 024

But, at the end of the day, it was a great success. The ladies of the LWML have and continue to give generously to the seminary. The more-than-100-year-old tradition of Donation Day continues. Karen Fuelling, director of the food and clothing co-ops (l), ensures that the students are taken care of, and Dr. Rast’s historical acumen provides the seminary with an awareness of its past that is necessary to its future.

And that’s why, perhaps, the Godfather best describes my relationship with Fort Wayne:

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