Remember back when I posted my office tour? I know it’s hard to believe this, but I think my office just got a little bit sweeter with the addition of . . .

heelthe high heel tape dispenser.

I love high heels. I don’t even care that I’m 5’10 and that they make me 6’2 when I wear them. I think they’re feminine. I think they’re fantastic. I think they can make an outfit fabulous. In fact, I think they’re just plain amazing.

And so is my tape dispenser.

But c’mon.

Look at the picture.

I don’t think I needed to reiterate that.

3 thoughts on “fantastic

  1. That is pretty awesome. I might come downstairs a lot from now on to borrow (take?) tape…how could I go back to using my boring Scotch dispenser after seeing this beauty? 🙂

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