baby’s comin’

In just a few weeks, my sister is having a baby.

Could be a boy.

Could be a girl.

Could be a . . . ok, those are pretty much our only options. food 013food 014

Because my sisters and I are really close (like, really close . . . I mean, for real, we are CLOSE), my other sister came up with the idea of throwing a long-distance baby shower.

So we rounded up 10 of our sisters’ closest friends and asked them to send her their favorite baby gift . . . all on the same day.

The mailman loved us. I just know it.

food 015food 016

There are two things I love about babies. The first is when they choke and gag and cough.

Just kidding. I hate that sound. In fact, I start choking and gagging and coughing like that will somehow help.

Don’t try to understand. I don’t get it either.

My other favorite thing is changing diapers.

No, it’s not. It’s so not.

I’m horrible at it. You’re supposed to hang on to a child to keep them from crawling away, entertain him, take off his clothes, roll up a dirty diaper, keep his pacifier in, unfold a new diaper . . .

It’s like I need six arms or something.

Let’s just say I’ve been known to put a diaper on backwards.

Not my finest moment. food 018

But there is one thing I absolutely love more than anything about babies: when they’re my nieces and nephews.

I can’t wait to meet this new little one, snuggle him, tell him he’s loved, smooch his round cheeks. Few things bring me more joy than being an aunt.

So, there’s really nothing favorite about this banner I sent my sister.

Except that it’s going to hang in the room of my newest niece or nephew.

And because that baby will be in my family, he’s already my favorite thing.

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