grammar guru

I was homeschooled.

There. I said it.

Now I know this immediately conjures up visions of denim skirts, Keds, extreme nerdery and children whose parents have a vendetta against interaction with other human beings, but I wasn’t that kind of homeschooler. I went to public school for a few years, was homeschooled for a few years, and went to a private high school for a few years.

I was well-rounded (and I’m not just talking about my chubby phase). I had friends. My parents didn’t hole me up in the basement. I got out of the house.

Heck, I can even carry on a coherent conversation with an adult!

But here is the best part: even as a little bitty six-year-old, I was destined for writing, for editing, for working with words. Thanks to my first language book, I have proof that I always have been (and likely always will be) a grammar fiend.

homeschooling 001Exhibit A: “I like January of its snow.”

Note that, while I had initially placed an apostrophe within the word its, I erased it.

Its = possessive

It’s = It is.

“I like January because of it’s snow.” = wrong

“I like January because of its’ now.” = that’s not even a word

“I like January because of its snow.” = right

homeschooling 002Exhibit B: “I saw two boxelder bugs at Grammy’s.”

Grammys = nonsensical gibberish

Grammy’s = possessive

“I saw two boxelder bugs at Grammys.” = wrong

“I saw two boxelder bugs at Grammy’s.” = ding ding ding!

Do you see? Do you understand? Even at the tender age of 6, I was focused on the intricacies of the English language,  devoted to the furtherance of proper grammar, and mesmerized by the mechanics and style of the written word.

homeschooling 003

Is now also a bad time to mention that, despite my love of all things literary, I couldn’t spell my own name?

Go easy on me, people.

I was homeschooled.

5 thoughts on “grammar guru

  1. I misused an apostrophe on Facebook the other day and I’m not sure I’ll ever get over the shame of it. :o/

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