st louis city museum

If you’re interested in thousands of feathers suspended from the ceiling,

museum 001

hundreds of feet of metal cages and bubbles for climbing that are suspended two, three, five stories in the air,

museum 005

random pieces of architecture stripped from old buildings,

museum 009

vintage signs that are just too good to get rid of,

museum 015

pieces of old ships,

museum 017

displays that teeter on the line of cute and creepy,

museum 020

disturbing gargoyles,

museum 023

church art stripped from a destroyed sanctuary,museum 024

fair signage,

museum 029

out-of-tune pianos in whose wood you can carve your name and your sweetheart’s too,

museum 056

and the world’s largest pencil,

museum 045

check out St. Louis’s City Museum.

And if you’re really brave, do it on Friday.

After they turn out the lights.

4 thoughts on “st louis city museum

  1. How did we miss the giant pencil? It must have been in the weird circus portion of the museum that my children were afraid to go into 🙂

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