does fort worth ever cross your mind?

Last week, my six-year-old nephew Oliver and I jumped on a plane for Dallas. My parents met us at the airport, carted us around Fort Worth for a few days, and showed us what life at the annual stock show is like.

While there, we . . .

texas2 003

cringed at the thought of getting tossed on our heads,texas2 009

watched a cowboy work some calves,

texas2 011

wondered when in the heck ranch hands started using cell phones on the job,texas2 015

learned what cutting horses do,

texas2 026

watched their beautiful dance in action,

texas2 057

decided we should buy one (a horse, not a cowboy. Well, now that I think about it . . . ),

texas2 080

discovered why milk cows are so boney,texas2 087

stayed a safe distance away from pointy horns,

texas2 099

got bucked off at 8 seconds,

texas2 114

winced as cowboys pulled on cows’ tails and then got kicked in the face/chest/legs/any place ever,

texas2 126

determined Ollie was big enough for mutton bustin’ . . . next year,

texas2 166

kept my mom from taking down Wild Bill Hickok,

texas2 143

ahem, moving right along . . .

texas2 185

found the world’s largest honky tonk,

texas2 186

and decided we should probably go back again next year.


*And lest you not recognize the reference . . . *

5 thoughts on “does fort worth ever cross your mind?

  1. Love it !! All little boys should go ! Mutton buster I’m sure Oliver will do well , about mom most women don’t smile when holding a gun .

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