back from the edge

There is always a temptation to despair for those in the Church, especially when we see the culture crumbling and feel as though the Church is too.

We grow despondent, thinking that we are the first ever to encounter conflict, big egos, ears that don’t hear.

We worry about our families who have given up and given in when it comes to things of the faith.

We wonder how the Lord will draw us back from this edge.

We doubt that He will.

And yet He does.

Every Sunday at every rail, in every pulpit, He draws us back.

Back to His Words of grace, back to His forgiveness won on the cross, back to His body and His blood.

And as He draws us back, He teaches us again that He alone holds the words to eternal life, to peace that passes understanding.

The culture may crumble. The Church may falter. Families may weaken. The edge may tempt us. But He doesn’t, and He won’t, and He never will.

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