i’m not to be trusted

When I first moved to St. Louis, I was determined not to like it here. I wasn’t going to make friends, wasn’t going to find a church, didn’t want to settle in this town at all.

I was not a fan of St. Louis.


But then I met some of these lovely ladies.


And then they introduced me to more Lutheran women.

And they were hilarious. And really Lutheran. And they were all thriving in their vocations as wives and mothers.


And suddenly things didn’t seem so dismal after all.


These were ladies I could relate to, who listened to all my whining and complaining, who told me to suck it up when I was throwing nightly pity parties, who crack me up with their impeccable comedic timing, who set the standard for raising children in the faith, for living always at the foot of Christ’s cross.

So when they all gathered together yesterday to celebrate a certain wedding in just a few weeks, it was more than a little humbling.

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Because, you see, they are exactly the kind of people I told myself I wouldn’t ever be able to find.

Wrong again.

The Lord has a certain way of keeping His children humble. ย And sometimes He chooses to do it in the kindest and most gracious of ways.


I mean, He allowed me to meet a certain someone else in the town I thought had no potential.

Shows how much I know.

(Answer: Nothing.)

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Conclusion: I’m really not to be trusted when it comes to what I think I know.


Because all of the people and things I thought couldn’t exist, well, it turns out they can and they do.

Go figure.



7 thoughts on “i’m not to be trusted

  1. I cannot wait for the blog posts where you’re putting all that pink/camo to good use on the farm! ๐Ÿ™‚ God’s richest blessings!

  2. Im crying tears of joy !! remember the verse 1 Cor. 2:9 !!
    eye has not seen, nor ear heard, Nor have entered into the heart of man The things whcih God has preparted for those who love Him !! God prepared Chris for you and you for him. wow !

  3. Well, I never thought I would marry a dairy farmer. Then he brought me to the LCMS. Then it turned out to be more than I could have asked or imagined. All good.

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