thank you

Here is a dirty little secret: Weddings are not about the bride and groom. They are about Christ and His cross, the very heart and core of how married people exist in this world.

As an added bonus, they also provide an opportunity for a peek into the kinds of people and joy that the Lord gives a bride and groom. And so, in no particular order, a word of thanks to those friends and family the Lord has blessed us with, especially on November 8:

  • To Katie Schuermann, who handed out kleenex, flowers, sweet smiles, tie suggestions, and care with grace and poise . . . for hours. Days even.IMG_4962
  • To my sister Lauren, who warned me that she would sit in a corner and giggle at my wedding day meltdowns, but instead made me laugh, smiled beautifully, and made sure everyone was in their proper places at the proper time.
  • To Pastor Michael Kumm, who showed pastoral care to Chris and me throughout our engagement, and who officiated the wedding with faithfulness and confidence.
  • To my sister Kellee, who took everything I pinned on my Pinterest wedding board and turned it into reality . . . from Colorado. (And she can do the same for you.)
  • To my BFFL Jeni, who followed me around, muttering important things like, “Eat!” and “Stop. Just stop that!” and bustled my dress and gave the sweetest toast a girl could ask for and, when appropriate, squealed, “You’re getting married!”DSC_0132
  • To Scott and Jason, my BILs, who entertained their children so that their wives could be full-time sisters.
  • To Pastor David Petersen, who preached a killer Lutheran sermon, was the baby whisperer to all the little children in attendance, made us laugh per the usual, and has an intensely sweet wife (and sense of humor).


  • To my mom, beautiful in blue, who helped me get ready, understood why I was crying that my grandmother couldn’t be there, and greeted our guests with her ever-present loveliness.


  • To Erin Seifferlein, who created an earthy crucifix for the cover of our wedding service bulletin, to remind those in attendance of the reason they were . . . well . . . attending.
  • To Grace and Josie and Priscilla, to Ollie and Jonathan and Wilhelmina, my little nieces and nephews who endured–with their typical sweetness–a whole day in suits and bow ties and dresses and tights to see their auntie get married.


  • To Paul and Cindy, my in-laws, who folded tiny milk cartons for table favors, hosted a rehearsal dinner that could have gone on for days in its joy, and who have been generous in their gifts and their love.


  • To Pastor Bart and Julie Day, who ushered people into the reception, emceed the evening, and offered prayers and toasts on our behalf.
  • To Pastor Todd Wilken, who lent his radio voice to the Scripture readings and who served as crucifer, carrying the cross of Christ–which remains at the center of all he does–ahead of the wedding party.IMG_4960
  • To the musicians (Tim Loeber, Tevia Grimenstein, Becca Vieker, and Matt Janssen), who delighted our ears with Christ’s gifts of music and song within the liturgy.
  • To Benjy and Sarah, my brother- and sister-in-law, who love to laugh, come alongside when help is needed, and–all the while–point their family and mine back to Christ.DSC_0112
  • To Pastor Jon Vieker, who produced a beautiful Vespers bulletin and sang amazingly to boot.
  • To my dad, who knows I will always be his little girl.
  • To Martha Mitkos and Sarah Steiner, who served fruit cobbler at the reception and even endured wearing vintage aprons . . . just because I asked them.DSC_0115
  • To the Burrills, who missed out on the service to set up the most magical of receptions.


  • To the Bordertown Bootleggers, who came from Texas to set the reception and dance mood with two-stepping and slow dancing music. (My blogging friends and I heard them first at the dance hall in Luckenbach last fall, and they remembered us even as we remembered them!)DSC_0119
  • To each of you, who have offered words of thanksgiving to God on our behalf.DSC_0120
  • And to everyone else I’ve forgotten. And I’m confident that I have. Be merciful.1450233_10151790741946344_1915155243_n
  • And to Chris, who is beginning to realize in full measure all my faults and weaknesses, and who loves me despite them.

Thank you!DSC_0177

6 thoughts on “thank you

  1. I’ve been reading your blog for a bit now… can’t remember how I came about it. But have always been encouraged by your witness and knowing that you are a fellow young adult with-in the LCMS. I rejoice with you in your marriage. Thanks for taking the time to reflect upon it and share your thoughts. Blessings as you enter into the next stage of the refiner’s fire. 🙂

  2. your thoughtfulness and thankfulness are such a blessing ! And your love for family and friends is evident in everything you do and say. Rejoice in The Lord always and again I say rejoice ! love ya

  3. Adriane, although we’ve never met I’ve been a follower of your blog for a while. We’re fellow sisters in Christ, Lutherans, and writer/editors. Thank you for being so transparent with your feelings and your faith. I love that you have been candid about your singleness and rejoice in your marital blessing. God be with you and Chris as you start this journey together.

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