the danger of subjectivity

What I’m about to say may set radical feminism back about 50 years, but we’ll burn that bridge when we get there.

As a woman, I don’t have to hear another woman have an opinion on something in order to form one myself.

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another kind of control

DSC_0403In the next two weeks, the Supreme Court will rule on the Sebelius vs. Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc. case, making a determination on whether or not Americans lose their religious freedoms at the doors and OPEN signs of their own businesses.

One side  is focused on four abortion-causing drugs and religious liberty. The other is focused on birth control . . . I guess.

But what the Supreme Court won’t talk about is the fact is that there’s an option for women that’s even better than birth control, one that won’t cause the Greens of Hobby Lobby to go against their consciences and is already available to any woman who wants it.

And it’s not just the Supreme Court that’s keeping quiet about it.

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