the Lord’s goodness

Sometimes, when you’re single, you doubt the Lord’s goodness.


You forget that there is a difference between being alone and being lonely.


You pray fervently for a pious spouse. And then you stop praying, sure that the Lord’s good gift of marriage is not for you.


You resign yourself to a life you didn’t imagine, one you didn’t want.


And then, in His perfect time and in His perfect way, the Lord gives you the perfect gift. And, in this case, that gift was a 6’2 Lutheran dairy farmer, one who had been praying and waiting himself.

And when that happens, you just can’t help but kick your heels up a little. Because when the Lord does something, He does it well. When He sees you through all broken hearts, all the tearful calls to your mother, all the whining to your sisters and your best friend, all the sighs, all the Valentine’s Days, He does it in style.


Because His plan is always good and perfect and best.

Despite the evidence.

Despite proof of the opposite.

Despite your feelings.


And sometimes, when it seems He’s feeling particularly generous, He gives you a man who loves red Ford pickups, hymnody, gravel roads, reading, the Lutheran Confessions, and cowboy boots as much as you do.


And you wonder why you ever doubted.



{photos courtesy . . . Mom!}