On Writing

Writing can be intimidating. There’s grammar and punctuation, coherent thoughts, intros, bodies, and conclusions, not to mention proper spelling and the absence of prepositions at the end of sentences. But writing doesn’t have to be difficult.

Here is the key: to write well, you must read. And you must read often. And you must read a great deal. If words are to be familiar to you, then read. Read.

Read especially the classics, the great novels and stories and tales, and then read them again, and don’t stop. Read those works that have been judged classics by history and time, not by recent critics or Book of the Month clubs.

Then, when you find it time to put your pen to paper or your fingers to keys, the words will come easily, because they will be like old friends.

And if there is someone who has been judged a great writer, mimic them. Read them and write them. Try to sound like them. And then read them again.

Writing doesn’t have to be intimidating. It can be cozy, quaint, comforting. It can bring great joy, because if you have read, you can write, and if you can write, you have something to offer the world.

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