tidy mom blogger bowl

Tonight was the Tidy Mom Blogger Bowl. It was . . . different.

All of my blogging friends are Lutheran, so there’s a commonality there that was pretty lacking tonight. Namely, we’re awesome.

Still, it was nice to meet bloggers of all ages and expertise. Some, like Tidy Mom, have thousands of followers, PR campaigns, and advertising. Some have just gotten started. Some are foodie bloggers. Others just write about their kids. Some have web guys, agents, and cameras that cost thousands of dollars. Some have WordPress and point and shoots.

It was fun to get to meet these women and to get a read on their real-life personalities, which aren’t always the same as what they portray on their blogs. It was fun, that is, when they weren’t tweeting, Facebooking, Instagraming, and Four Squaring. I know this is going to surprise you but – – read carefully here – – techy bloggers have a bit of hard time interacting in real life.

I have lots of Lutheran friends who blog. They talk about cooking, homemaking, their kids, and church. They outshine those lame Mormon bloggers like nobody’s business.

And I have to be honest: they’re way cooler than these ladies. They may not make thousands of dollars or go on Fox News on a regular basis. They may not wear inappropriate clothing for women their age. Heck, they may not even go on speaking tours.

But gosh, if they’re not real, Lutheran, and awesome.  Just sayin’.

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