C’mon, men. Act like men!

Unless you (a) are technologically Amish, (b) have been held hostage out of the country, or (c) suffer from a reprehensibly intense theological apathy, you’re aware that the third edition of Pastor Harrison and Professor Pless’ book Women Pastors: The Ordination of Woman in Biblical Lutheran Perspective is due out this year.

Probably you should all buy it, and certainly you should all read it. And not just because two other women and I wrote essays for it (ok, that’s totally why), but because it is good for us as the Church to have these discussions; to be reminded that there are pious Lutheran women who wouldn’t set foot in a pulpit if you offered them a Tiffany’s gift card; and because, believe or not, the men of the church could use a call to arms—a reminder to act like men—now and then too.


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