no need for perpetual sorrow

I’m catholic.

Not to be confused with Catholic.

Just, you know, catholic.

As in, Lutheran.

hermann 090So when my mom and I ran across this little sign off the side of the road, we stopped by to see why Mary was so perpetually sad. hermann 055

Catholics do churches well. hermann 059

They do cemeteries well. hermann 062

They do mini chapels well. hermann 065

They do crucifixes well. hermann 070

They do crucifixes really well. hermann 073

They do crucifixes really, really well. hermann 076

Heck, they don’t do too shabby with our Lord’s mother either. hermann 072

But we Lutherans get it even better. We get Mary and chapels and cemeteries. But we also get Christ crucified. We get His humanity. We get His divinity. we get His forgiveness and grace. We get His undeserved love, tenderness, comfort.

We get Christ for us.

“The empty tomb is not enough. What you need is the risen Body of Jesus the crucified. And it is the risen Body of Jesus the Crucified that the Lord provides.” – DHP

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